Beer Pong Replaces Karaoke at The Pool House

Karaoke_Neon1As all good things must come to an end, we are sad to announce the temporary end of Karaoke Thursdays at The Pool House. We would like to thank DJ Brotherly Love and the Thursday night karaoke team that has kept the event as lively as possible this summer, but it’s time to kick things up a notch! We’ve recently been testing out some awesome drink specials and events mixed in with the traditional karaoke festivities, getting a feel for what really helps our patrons to have a great time while visiting us! While we must say that the newly implemented Ladies Night (also known as Throw Em’ Back Thursdays) has been a great success, what about the men?!?!?  While we will be taking the next few weeks to settle into the transition and really get things going for our patrons – The Pool House is proud to announce that we will now be hosting a weekly beer pong tournament each and every Thursday – in addition to the Ladies Night drink specials! That’s right guys – while the Ladies are enjoying their $10 All You Can Drink Well Liquor & Beer specials – you can now show off your skills for some great prizes!

Beer Pong Tournament at The Pool House

How will the...

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Funniest Sports Bloopers Ever – Videos

Sports-Bloopers-The-Pool-HouseYou know we are always looking for a good laugh and we surely found them in search of the best bloopers of the 2013-2014 sports season! From hockey to football to baseball – we’ve found some interesting, mind-boggling and hysterical footage of what these highly paid sports figures look like in their individual “fail” moments! You never really think about how the players we all watch on TV are as individual people … but to do some of these things?!?! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Thanks to fans, media sources and good old YouTube – we could watch this footage again and again and again without getting tired of it! Tell us what you think!

Hockey Bloopers


Football Bloopers

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Pool Players 2014


Did you know that some of the Pool House staff members have over 20+ years of playing pool experience under their belt? It’s true and boy do some of them love to show off their knowledge and passion about the game – not to mention show off their skills every chance they get! So, we decided to put that knowledge to use and compile a list of the best (and some creative) gift ideas for pool players/lovers that would bring a smile to their face – guaranteed! Despite the skill level of the player there are certain aspects about the game that force all players to uniform to certain products, supplies and/or accessories – if you want to play the game right, of course! With that being said, we’ve made your life easier by putting together the following top 10 must-have items for every player.

We’ve even ran the list past a few of our frequent players and league members and we must say – few items were widely disputed! If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for the pool players in your life, why not check out some of these awesome ideas before driving yourself crazy!

Show Your Pool Player You Know Their Game

It’s ...

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Thursday Night Karaoke – Summer Edition

It’s finally here! The weather seems to be holding up quite nicely with sunshine and warmth – finally the snow is a thing of the past … so you now have no excuse to be missing the Thursday night karaoke festivities, right?!?! DJ Brotherly Love is back from vacation this week and ready to rock with Miss T-Bomb and Joe serving up some delicious masterpieces behind the bar. Now, we’ve been known to pull some of our finest tricks out the bag throughout the summer season from special guest appearances, performances and parties … will you be there when the festivities kick off?

Some Thursday Night Karaoke C...

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Live Bands Hit the Stage – Friday June 6th

Wiretap-Crash-Live-At-The-Pool-HouseThe Pool House is proud to announce a little twist to what has become known as First Fridays! While on the first Friday of each month we usually host the monthly tour performance by Yankee Longstraw & The Grand Cannons, starting this week, we decided to switch things up a bit! This Friday June 6th, Andrew Krolikowski of Yankee Longstraw and Vision Through Sound will be taking the stage as usual, but this time, with a few different guests! That’s right, Andrew will be joined by the musical talents of Wiretap Crash and Graz – this performance you will not want to miss! An incredible line-up for a Friday night at The Pool House!

As always – your favorite bartenders, T-Bomb & Davey Boy will be on shift from 8pm – 4am to keep you company while you pre-game and of course, in between sets! Be sure to check-in on our Facebook page this week for drink specials and event updates! You know how we like to throw surprises in at the last minute!

Get to Know the Bands

You may a...

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The Pool House Hosts the L.I. Tri-Cup June 6-8

The-Pool-House-Billiards-and-Sports-Pub-BellmoreThis year’s Long Island Tri-Cup Tournament has been scheduled for the weekend of June 6th. That’s right, starting Friday, June 6th, The Pool House will be hosting the annual L.I. Tri-Cup Pool Tournament from 10am to midnight (or when the last team disqualifies.) It’s going to be a busy weekend at Our House with the tournament, live bands and of course, the Belmont Stakes race!

As always, we will be running plenty of food and drink specials to accommodate our guests and players with the usual free buffet at 5pm. We would like to wish all Long Island tournament players the best of luck in the event and will surely be there cheering you on!

The L.I...

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